How Litter Lights are made

-The frames: old standard lamps, chandeliers and lampshades (junk, or from secondhand stalls) are the basis for Litter Lights. The old parts are adapted and supplemented by new parts.
The lamp stands are not for sale. They are only there for presentation purposes. If the purchaser wishes, however, they can be given away. In that case, the purchaser has to have the lamp stand checked by an electrician. Litter Lights can take no responsibility for lamp stands.

-The decorations: plastic bottles, cups, bottle stoppers, coffee capsules and plastic cutlery are collected from a variety of sources. Here, friends and family are as helpful as manufacturing businesses that let us have damaged goods for processing. Old necklaces and other decorative items are bought in junk markets or secondhand shops.

-Next comes the creative part. Plastic bottles and cups are cut up manually and assembled into new shapes, then decorated with plastic bottle stoppers, coffee capsules, cutlery and necklaces (or parts of them), and fixed to the frame.
Recycle art/design
by Barbara Predin